VIP Business

Scheduled and guaranteed 15-minute VIP business appointments.

Choose the number and type of business appointments your company wants from the VIP buyers attending our event. You can target multiple channels/market sectors or integrators only.

Sponsorship Options

Americas Security Connection takes sponsor support and results one step further. We work with sponsors to identify meaningful objectives and design engagement strategies that produce the desired results.


Connect in person with your biggest and best prospects throughout Latin America and compare that to the efficiency of meeting with VIP prospects in just 2 days. The savings created by sponsoring Americas Security Connection will be remarkable!

Aimed at Security Integrators

Americas Security Connection is the premier business development event for end users and security integrators. This exclusive executive-level event will host more than 40 top-tier end users and security integrators with average annual revenues in excess of US$10 million. Guests come to explore products and market trends and connect in a high quality way with sponsors.